Kuwait Office for Charity Projects strengthens ties

CAIRO: Kuwait Office for Charity Projects in Cairo continued to strengthen the bilateral relations between Kuwait and Egypt over the course of 36 years in the fields of charitable and humanitarian work. Kuwait has always been a pioneer in unlimited humanitarian work to alleviate the suffering of countries in need without regard to political or ideological matters, with the Gulf country’s annual celebration of the anniversary of naming the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah humanitarian leader.

In an interview with KUNA, Acting Director of Kuwait’s Office for Charity Projects in Cairo, Sarah Al-Mutairi expressed her appreciation of Kuwait’s honorable stances with suffering countries over the decades. She said that the office has carried out nearly 430,000 projects, since 1987 until the first half of 2023, including construction projects, social and health assistance, and food baskets in all parts of Egypt. She indicated that the office’s main projects include building hospitals and medical centers, reconstructing old mosques, and turning them into integrated Islamic complexes in harmony with the Egyptian waqf (endowments) plans.

She added that the office also provides urgent relief on behalf of the Kuwaiti people during times of disasters, in addition to orphans and students’ sponsorship, social and medical assistance, and seasonal projects. Al-Mutairi stated the office also aims to assist Kuwaitis living in Egypt and other people who require assistance, in coordination with the Kuwaiti embassy.

She praised the cooperation and coordination between Kuwait and Egypt, and their keenness in facilitating the arrival of aid and personnel to implement projects, noting that this cooperation takes place in more than one Egyptian ministry. Member of the Islamic Research Academy, and former Al-Azhar Deputy Dr Abbas Shouman, said in a statement to KUNA that Kuwaiti Zakat House is a pioneer in the fields of charity and helping people in need. Shouman praised Kuwait’s role, which is not limited to providing financial support but through sustainable projects not consumed by spending, making their benefit invaluable.

He added that Kuwait’s Office for Charity Projects in Cairo is one of the most active charitable offices in the Islamic world, as it includes many activities such as sponsoring scholars in Al-Azhar and construction of many mosques. Kuwait’s Office for Charity Projects was established in 1987 under the name “Kuwait Zakat House” an independent government body, and it officially opened in December 1992. – KUNA

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