Kuwait on track to become entertainment destination

By Ghadeer Ghloum and Kuna

Under the visionary leadership and ambitious goals set forth by its 2035 vision, Kuwait is making significant strides towards improving various sectors. One key area that has witnessed remarkable attention is the entertainment and tourism sector. Due to the crucial role that the entertainment sector plays in driving economic growth and enriching society, Kuwait has made it a priority to invest in its development. As Kuwait Times delves into the exciting developments taking place, it becomes evident that Kuwait is on track to realize its vision and establish itself as an entertainment destination.

This is evident through several entities that are focusing their attention on projects which are expected to take this sector to the next level. For instance, the Council of Ministers has emphasized on the need for relevant government entities to overcome all obstacles that may hinder the establishment of Kuwait Entertainment City, one of Kuwait’s most significant amusement parks expected to cost KD 200 million to attract tourists as part of an economic diversification strategy. The government has also emphasized the importance of the development of Failaka Island, going as far as including the project in its work plan.

It’s also called on implementing the two projects as quickly as possible. Last year, the Touristic Enterprises Company launched seasonal entertainment projects in winter 2022, such as Winter Wonderland and Green Island. The company’s projects do not stop here, as more is coming for both seasonal and permanent entertainment projects. In winter 2023, the Touristic Enterprises Company will be working on the South Subahiya Park project, the Water Front Project and the Balajat project, all of which have been officially announced by the company’s official accounts on social media platforms.

Green Island Season

Furthermore, the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters’ (NCCAL) strategy for 2023- 2028 aims to preserve Kuwaiti heritage and history in line with Kuwait Vision 2035. The strategy includes maintenance and restoration of historical sites, such as ‘Sheikh Khazaal’s Diwan’, Al-Mubarakiya School, and Mishref Castle. NCCAL has plans to revamp some museums and theaters and reopen public libraries after maintenance and restoration work. Kuwait Municipality is among those government entities involved in setting and achieving the country’s entertainment goals. The municipality has recently approved a KD55 million to develop Al-Mubarakiya area and address the existing drawbacks to find possible solutions.

The project aims to utilize all areas in Al-Mubarakiya and the nearby municipality park as it has experienced a period of stagnation due to a lack of visitors. According to the plan, unused spaces will be utilized to add modern components and features to the area, including a hotel, mosque, museum, and several commercial buildings. The municipality is also supporting Kuwait Vision 2035 through the implementation of several projects that support the country’s development plan, creating a new environment of tourism, entertainment and sports projects in attractive locations, such as the coastal areas around the country.


These areas will include sports stadiums, entertainment facilities, green spaces, as well as a sandy beach area and spaces for walking and cycling. The Ministry of Public Works has also made its contributions to Kuwait’s vision for 2035 in the sector of Tourism and Entertainment. The ministry launched ‘Al-Mikshat’ during winter 2022, a first-of-its-kind project which revisits the kashta tradition but with a modern twist.

It attracted thousands of visitors and was considered a unique entertainment and cultural project for the entire family. Over the past few months, Kuwait’s entertainment landscape has witnessed a remarkable upswing. While progress has undeniably been made, Kuwait’s progression towards realizing its 2035 Vision for the entertainment sector is not yet complete, as some challenges still need to be addressed. Yet, Kuwait’s commitment to driving growth in this sector ensures that these goals will be realized in the coming years.

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