Kuwait produces only 18% of its daily dairy consumption

The head of the Union of Fresh Dairy Producers, Abdul Hakim Al-Ahmad, said that the country’s consumption of milk and its derivatives is about 1,200 tons per day, and the production of farms in Kuwait is 200 tons, about 18% of the total consumption.

In a statement to KUNA, Al-Ahmad revealed that there are 50 farms affiliated with the union, including 44 milk producer firms, with more than 21,000 heads of cattle, including 9,505 milking cows, which produced about 74 million liters of milk during the past year, with an average of 21.5 liters per head per day, reports a local Arabic daily.

He pointed to the constant pursuit of farm owners to achieve self-sufficiency in the future and to cooperate with various parties in this field, especially that the recent food crisis may continue for a long time and may be repeated in the future.

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