Kuwait protesters denounce Zionist deadly aggression

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: Hundreds of citizens and residents gathered at Al-Irada Square in Kuwait City on Friday, uniting in a powerful display of solidarity with the Palestinians to express unwavering support for the Palestinian people and their resilience against the Zionist occupation. In this poignant demonstration, voices from various backgrounds came together, echoing a shared commitment to peace, justice, and an end to the occupation.

During the standing in solidarity, Minister of Commerce and Industry Mohammad Al-Aiban made a resounding declaration, reaffirming Kuwait’s unwavering stance on humanitarian and Arab issues. With strong conviction, he emphasized that Kuwait’s commitment to these causes is indivisible, reflecting its dedication and support for human rights and Arab solidarity.

He added, “Kuwait’s position does not accept neutrality on such issues,” indicating that his presence at the sit-in is an extension and confirmation of his government’s declared position. Aiban emphasized that the Kuwaiti populace embodies freedom and pride, asserting that the current moment, marked by a symbolic pause, carries profound emotions and values.                                                       

Several Members of Parliament made a notable presence at the solidarity event for Palestine. Among them, MP Abdullah Al-Mudhaf articulated that this is not just about the Palestinian issue; it’s a matter of concern for every Muslim. He also mentioned that there are calls from National Assembly representatives to convene a special session to demonstrate their support for the Palestinian cause.

MP Dawood Marafi conveyed their firm stance in the National Assembly against any private party that declares support for Zionists. He stressed the deep sorrow felt in Kuwait for the dire situation in Gaza and noted that this massive gathering exemplified the genuine determination of Kuwaitis to support the Palestinian cause. Marafi vowed to persist until a free and independent Palestine is restored, adamantly opposing the displacement of the people of Gaza and asserting their rightful ownership of the land.

MP Badr Nashmi stated that what was taken by force can only be reclaimed through force. He issued a call to all Arab people not to lose hope, and he prayed for patience and steadfastness for the resistance brethren, ultimately hoping for the return of Palestine. Protests displayed banners condemning “the Zionist aggression against Palestinians” and called for an immediate cessation of hostilities, the safeguarding of Palestinian civilians, and the removal of the blockade on Gaza. 

In their speeches, participants emphatically reiterated that Palestine has always been and will remain the core concern for Arabs and Muslims, emphasizing the severe campaign of annihilation imposed upon the Palestinian population by the occupying Zionist forces. They also underscored the urgency of extending support to the Palestinians and assisting them in their ongoing defense of their homeland against the oppressive usurping entity.

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