Kuwait safe haven for migrating birds

KUWAIT: Migrating birds make a crucial stop in Kuwait during its fall migration, which makes the country a safe haven for these kind of creatures, said Kuwaiti Environmental Lens (KEL) on Tuesday. KEL’s head Rased Al-Haji told KUNA that there were a huge number of birds making this sort of a natural pit stop on their fall journey, revealing that some 415 kinds of migrating birds of 60 spices could be seen this time of the year.

The birds navigate their way from southwestern regions in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan to warmer climates in eastern and central Africa, indicated Al-Haji, adding that the second route that the birds take was from the north and east of Europe through Turkey and Syria and onwards to India with birds making a stop in Kuwait.

The fall migration might continue until the beginning of winter, pointed out the official, revealing that birds could be seen in 13 reservations natural throughout Kuwait. On his part, member of KEL Awdah Al-Bathali said the migration of birds was crucial for the ecosystem with natural pollination of plants and flowers occurring during the journey.

He went on to say that, Kuwait has a unique geographical location connecting their types of eco-systems the desert of the Arabian Peninsula, the Gulf Coast and Tropical climate of the Euphrates and Tigris nearby. -KUNA

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