Kuwait showcases anti-desertification efforts at Expo

DOHA: Kuwait’s booth at the International Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha Qatar sheds light on Kuwait’s efforts to fight desertification and achieve sustainability. The statement was made to KUNA on Saturday by the head of Kuwait’s booth at the event, Abdullah Al-Tamimi. He added that the booth showcases plants that exist in Kuwait’s environment.

The booth also teaches visitors about the stages of plant growth, methods of recycling water used for plants in the booth, and how to use it for beneficial purposes rather than wasting it, he said. Doha’s expo kicked off last Monday under the theme “Green Desert, Better Environment”, and concludes on March 28, 2024. Meanwhile, Kuwait’s national flower, Al-Arfaj, was displayed at Doha Expo 2023, signaling sustainability, steadfastness, and beauty.

The drawing depicting the flower contains the letter K in reference to Kuwait in addition to the letters of the full word Kuwait. The logo colors allude to Kuwait’s sands and sea. The green signals the plants’ leaves; the yellow is the color of the national flower, Al-Arfaj; and the black and white refer to the wall of the Kuwaiti pavilion at the exhibition. – KUNA

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