Kuwait-Spain eco joint committee meet in Madrid

MADRID: The Kuwaiti-Spanish joint committee for economic cooperation held their first session of talks on Monday. The meeting focused on consolidating bilateral interests. The two sides reached several draft memoranda, namely for cooperation in civil aviation, industry and standardisation activities, alongside a protocol to amend the agreement to avoid double taxation and the prevention of financial evasion with regard to taxes on income and capital.

The session, held at the Spanish capital, Madrid, was co-chaired by Finance Ministry Undersecretary Aseel Al-Munifi of Kuwait and Trade Secretary Xiana Mendez of Spain. The meetings focused on the fields of the economy, commerce, investment, finance, agriculture, industry, health, civil aviation and small and medium enterprises, alongside private sector cooperation, according to Kuwait’s Finance Ministry in a statement. Both sides expressed sincere desire to “advance bilateral relations to broader levels.”

Al-Munifi, in her speech during the meetings, said the joint committee reflects sincere desire to “consolidate and strengthen cooperation in the economic field and others, with a focus on cooperation in the field of food security and civil aviation.” Its main role, in cooperation with the embassies of both countries, is to facilitate the pace of cooperation between the two friendly countries to achieve the desired goals. – KUNA

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