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KUWAIT: Forty-five Kuwaiti lawmakers on Sunday expressed their total support for the right of the Palestinian people to resist the Zionist occupation and retaliate to its attacks and atrocities until they get their freedom. In a statement regarding the breakout of hostilities in Gaza, the lawmakers said the events that began early Saturday are a natural response to atrocities and practices by the Zionist entity.

They called the Palestinian offensive as a “legitimate act” in response to the crimes committed by the Zionist occupiers against Palestinian civilians and Muslim holy places, especially Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, insisting that such actions conform with international law. The statement called on Arab and Muslim peoples to support the Palestinian people and their resistance “in all forms possible” to enable them to confront continued Zionist aggressions.

AMMAN: Kuwaiti Ambassador to Jordan Hamad Al-Marri hands Kuwait’s contribution of $2 million to UNRWA Acting Director of External Relations Tamara Alrifai. – KUNA

It also called on Arab and Islamic governments to solidly back the struggle of the Palestinian people to regain their legitimate rights, stressing their opposition to any Arab normalization of relations with the Zionist entity. In a separate statement, MP Marzouq Al-Ghanem said that the Palestinian cause will never die because it is “a doctrine in the heart of all Muslims”, adding that those who don’t see Palestine as their cause “should review their stance”.

Meanwhile, Kuwait’s athletes donned the Palestinian keffiyeh in a show of solidarity with Palestine during the closing ceremony of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China on Sunday. This move reflects Kuwait’s principled stance in support of Palestinians’ rights and their fight against the occupation. The ministry of social affairs launched an urgent relief campaign for the Palestinian people as a result of the current events in Palestine. The ministry invited local charity organizations to register for participation in the campaign.

Kuwaiti ambassador to Jordan Hamad Al-Marri on Sunday handed Kuwait’s contribution of $2 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). The ambassador affirmed that Kuwaiti aid is in “accordance with the permanent directives of the high political leadership and on the instructions of the Kuwaiti government, stressing the ‘firm’ position of Kuwait on supporting the Palestinian cause and committing to support the humanitarian situation of Palestinian refugees in the region.

Marri praised UNRWA’s role and efforts in providing basic services such as health and education to Palestinian refugees in its areas of operations, noting the affirmation of Kuwait’s efforts to partner with UN organizations and cooperate constructively with them in order to achieve the development goals of communities. UNRWA Acting Director of External Relations Tamara Alrifai said with this additional contribution, Kuwait shows Palestine refugees that its long-standing support is still firm.

Kuwait’s sufficient funding to UNRWA will enable it to carry out its mandate and maintain all critical services, contributing to the wellbeing and feeling of stability of Palestinian refugees, Alrifai said. “UNRWA is truly grateful to Kuwait’s government and people for their generosity and solidarity and the constant contribution is very welcome and will hopefully encourage other partners to come forward,” she added. UNRWA serves Palestinian refugees across its five fields of operation in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the West Bank.

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