Kuwait supports efforts to reduce carbon emissions

KUWAIT: National Assembly Member of Parliament (MP) Khaled Al-Tammar on Sunday, stressed the importance of supporting solutions aimed at reducing carbon emissions, explaining that Kuwait presented a document at a national level in 2021 to reduce those emissions for 2020-2035. This came in the participation of MP Al-Tammar during his representation of the Kuwaiti caucus in Committee for Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade meeting of the 146th InterParliamentary Union Conference (IPU) in Bahrain.

Al-Tammar said that this step would help in avoiding carbon dioxide emissions of about 3.6 gigatons per year over the period of 2020-2050, contributing about 14 percent of the target required to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030. The Kuwaiti document to reduce carbon emissions affirms its full commitment to the decisions of the Paris Agreement, as it reduced its emissions by 7.4 percent of its total carbon emissions for the year 2035, added Al-Tammar.

He mentioned that Kuwait Environment Public Authority is working on preparing a national low- carbon strategy by 2050, in cooperation with UN environmental program to reduce carbon emissions on a national level. He stressed the need to stop the unjust deforestation of forests for economic and commercial goals, indicating that agriculture is being affected by high heat waves resulting from global warming, which threatens the sustainability of agricultural systems and its ability to provide food security. The Kuwaiti caucus participating in the 146th IPU Conference, is chaired by Undersecretary Thamer Al-Dhufairi, Secretary Dr. Mohammad Al-Mahan, Treasurer Hamad Al-Obaid, and MPs Khaled Al-Tamar and MP Jenan Bushehri.

Kuwaiti MP Dr Jenan Bushehri

Cyberspace threats

In another development, Kuwaiti parliament member Dr Jenan Bushehri said that there is a thin line between protecting individuals from cybercrime threats and not violating their right of freedom of speech. She stressed that facing impact of such threats on national security should not be at the expense of freedom of speech.

This came in Dr Bushehri’s remark at the meeting of the Committee for International Peace and Security in the 146th conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Bahrain where they discuss a draft resolution on combating cyber-attacks and crimes and their new threats to global security. She stressed the need to take into consideration coordinating between democracy and modern technologies.

She called that electronic interference in the presidential or parliamentary elections or others be considered as crimes against state security, especially with the increasing talks about attacks on electoral systems in some countries. Bushehri said that these challenges facing democracy around the world must be taken seriously, stressing the need to adopt international legislation to combat them. The Kuwaiti caucus participating in the 146th IPU Conference is chaired by undersecretary Thamer Al-Dhufairi; Dr Mohammad Al-Mahan (secretary); Hamad Al-Obaid (treasurer) and MPs Khaled Al-Tamar and Dr Jenan Bushehri. – KUNA

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