Kuwait Times, Kuwait News host NBK summer program students

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Kuwait Times and Kuwait News welcomed the summer program students of National Bank of Kuwait on Wednesday. Kuwait Times and Kuwait News Public Relations and CSR Manager Jana Alnaqeeb took the students on a tour around the building. During their tour, the students had an opportunity to discover the world of journalism and media, where they asked multiple questions about how journalists work and collect local and international news.

They also discussed the future of journalism with regards to the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution with Kuwait Times’ journalists and Abdullah Boftain, Kuwait Times’ Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and partner and manager of Kuwait News. Various opinions were shared, as some believe AI can replace human journalists, while others disagreed, believing that AI remains a tool humans can benefit from, but it cannot take over their jobs.

From the present and future of journalism, the students traveled back to the past as they were taken to Kuwait Times’ archives to witness the history preserved in pages. The students also toured the printing press, where they saw the printers print newspaper copies published exclusively for them.

The issue covered the students’ visit to Kuwait Times and include their pictures, which delighted them and increased their interest in the overall progress of media and journalism. The Kuwait Times and Kuwait News team ended the tour by offering refreshments and snacks for everyone to enjoy.

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