Kuwait University gets US patent for solar cooling system invention

KUWAIT: In an innovative step aimed at improving the efficiency of air conditioning systems and preserving the environment, and with the efforts of Dr Ammar Bahman from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering and Petroleum and his research team, Kuwait University received a patent from the US Patent Office of the US Department of Commerce, under the title “Air conditioning system with a solar-based sub-cooling device.”

This new innovation represents a significant innovation in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology as it meets the growing needs to improve the cooling systems for homes and buildings. In this context, the Acting Director of Kuwait University, Fayez Al-Dhafiri, congratulated the inventor, Dr Ammar Bahman, for obtaining a new patent, and expressed his pride in the role of the Patent and Intellectual Property Office in the research sector, which has always been a pioneer in supporting inventors and facilitating all ways to obtain patents.

The Acting Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr Othman Al-Khodr, stated that Kuwait University is proud of luminous inventors such as Dr Ammar Bahman, whose milestone invention contributes to improving the Kuwaiti environment. This patent comes in line with the Vision 2035 of Kuwait and the sustainable goals of the United Nations. It also contributes to raising the index of Kuwait University’s QS classification of international universities as Kuwait University pays great attention to the quality of scientific research outputs and excellence in inventions, and seeks to promote a culture of quality and apply its standards in all academic and research practices to ensure excellence in education and scientific research outputs.

Dr Bahman stated that the idea of the invention is based on the main air conditioning system that works in a conventional cooling cycle using refrigerant gas and the device also includes a sub-cooling system that powers the compressor by a rechargeable battery linked to a photovoltaic solar panel. “The main and subsystems are connected by a heat exchanger so that the two systems can use the same type of refrigerant or different types to obtain maximum efficiency of the device.” “This innovation aims to increase the efficiency of air conditioning systems by providing additional cooling of the coolant in the main device through the sub-cooling process.

Thanks to the sustainable solar energy used to operate the compressor, dependence on other energy sources will be reduced and thus the environmental impact of these systems will be reduced,” Dr Bahman added. He also stressed that the patent is an important step towards the development of the most effective and sustainable cooling technology and will contribute significantly to improving the quality of life and the environment in Kuwait and around the world. The applications of this innovative technology can be used in homes, commercial and industrial buildings, he explained.

“It also has a significant positive impact on reducing energy consumption and reducing air cooling bills, which is also a significant saving in energy costs.” Dr Haneen Al-Ghabra, Assistant Vice Chancellor for External Research Cooperation and Consulting at the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, stated: “Kuwait, which faces the problem of hot weather during the summer will significantly benefit from Dr Bahman’s invention based on the air conditioning system with a solar sub-cooling system.

It will help raise the quality of life and achieve energy savings thus reducing the environmental impact and reducing dependence on electricity from the main power plants.” “This will have a positive impact on citizens and society in general. In an effective scientific way, we in the research sector, encourage inventors to come up with more such innovations that serve Kuwait and achieve its development goals,” she added.

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