Kuwait University organizes rally to support Palestinians

KUWAIT: Kuwait University (KU) organized a rally on Monday in collaboration with the KU Faculty Association and the National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS) in support of Palestinians in Gaza. Acting Director of KU Dr. Fayiz Al-Dhafeeri and large crowds of students, faculty members, and university workers joined together to denounce the Zionist occupation’s aggression against Palestine and Gaza, which led to thousands of deaths and countless injuries, especially during the recent bombing of Al-Ahli Arab Hospital.

In order to demonstrate Kuwait’s stances in its various entities and institutions, Head of the KU Faculty Association Dr. Ali Al-Kandari told KUNA that the institutions are sending a message to the global academic community to establish human rights in Palestine, stop unjustified attacks, and adhere to the laws. Envoys, EU officials meet In another development, a delegation of Arab ambassadors held intensive meetings with officials from European Union institutions in Brussels during the past couple of days to discuss the dangerous escalation in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement on Monday, the ambassadors noted that some European statements and positions send “wrong messages to Zionist forces, the occupying power, who may feel encouraged to increase their attacks, their killing of civilians, and their targeting of public and private facilities and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.” They pointed out the harm resulting from the adoption by “certain European officials and political institutions of an unbalanced and unacceptable approach of double standards when speaking about and describing the reality of what is happening in Gaza and the real reasons that led to the deterioration of the situation.”

They stressed the necessity of looking at the real reasons behind the current outbreak, including the absence of a political horizon and failing to address the root causes of the conflict, highlighting the importance of pressuring Zionists to stop the cycle of violence, put in place a ceasefire, bring urgent humanitarian aid into Gaza, and prevent the internal or forcible displacement of Palestinians in or out of the Gaza Strip.

A mass rally by Kuwait University to show solidarity with Palestinians.

In their meetings, the Arab ambassadors stated that there can be no peace nor stability in the region without the implementation of the relevant UN resolutions of international legitimacy, the withdrawal of Zionist occupation from all occupied Arab territories, and the establishment of a sovereign independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, in line with relevant international resolutions, international legitimacy, and the Arab Peace Initiative.

They also stressed the need to stop targeting Rafah border crossing from the Palestinian side and for humanitarian aid to enter safely, while expressing absolute rejection of any Zionist plan to internally or forcibly displace or transfer the residents of the Gaza Strip, as this constitutes ethnic cleansing and is contrary to Zionists’ legal obligations as the occupying power in accordance with the four Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law.

The delegation condemned occupation army’s continuous incursions into the West Bank, unacceptable settler violence against defenseless civilians, and violating holy Muslim and Christian sites including East Jerusalem, warning of widening the scope of the conflict and of the dire consequences it will have on the entire region.

A mass rally by Kuwait University to show solidarity with Palestinians.

The ambassadors conveyed the Arab position as reflected in the resolution issued by the Extraordinary Session of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Arab League, held in Cairo on October 11, condemning the targeting of civilians and highlighting the urgent need to stop the current aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The group met officials from the European Council, the European Commission, and the European Parliament, as well as the European External and Action Service (EEAS), as well as officials from Belgium, Luxembourg, and NATO. Mandated by the Council of Arab Ambassadors in Brussels, a delegation of Arab ambassadors, including from Palestine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Arab League, held intensive meetings over the past few days with officials of the European Union institutions. — KUNA

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