Kuwaiti charities assist Palestinians, Egyptians on Eid

GAZA/CAIRO: Palestine’s Al-Wea’am Charitable Society handed out tens of sacrifice animals, funded by several Kuwaiti charities, to thousands of Palestinian families. Speaking to KUNA in a statement, head of the society Mohammad Abu Marie said the project received financial support from charities, including the International Islamic Charity Organization (IICO), the International Mercy Association, Namaa Charitable Society and the Global Charity Association for Development (Tanmia) in Kuwait.

Tens of sacrifice animals provided by Kuwaiti philanthropists were slaughtered to be given to thousands of needy Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip, he added. Kuwait and its national institutions are among the first countries which respond rapidly to relief calls launched by Gaza’s institutions in light of the soaring prices of sacrifice, he noted. Abu Marie thanked Kuwait, His Highness the Amir, the government and Kuwaitis for this support. Kuwait has also funded sacrifice animals in Cairo, according to KUNA.

The Kuwaiti Office for Charitable Projects in Cairo, part of the Kuwaiti Zakat House, announced the distribution of sacrificial meat in some Egyptian governorates on the occasion of Eid al-Adha. Director of the office Sarah Al-Mutairi said it distributed 10 tons of sacrificial meat through charities accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity and registered with the office. The charities are also recognized by the humanitarian work system at the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry.

“Sacrificial meat is distributed to the most vulnerable groups and the neediest families in 18 different areas of the governorates of lower and upper Egypt,” said Mutairi, stressing that the continuation of such charitable activities contributes to the consolidation of the relationship between the two countries and their peoples. The Kuwait Office for Charitable Projects in Cairo distributed the sacrifice meat as part of the “Adhahi Project”, which is one of the most important social service projects that achieve social solidarity in Egypt for 36 consecutive years. – KUNA

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