Kuwaiti charity gives 11,000 sacrifices to people in 25 countries

KUWAIT: The International Islamic Charity Organization announced on Thursday the distribution of 11,000 sacrifices to 440,000 beneficiaries in 25 countries in cooperation with 53 charities and seven volunteer teams, during the days of Eid Al-Adha. “Sacrifice meat contributed to enhancing food security for the children of poor families during the days of Eid,” stressing its endeavor to strengthen the bonds of solidarity and love between the people of Kuwait and Muslims in the world.

“Through field reports received from her field partners, we monitored the success of the project in enhancing food security for children of poor families in the poorest countries, areas of displacement, countries of asylum, orphans and their mothers, widows, the disabled and those injured by disasters,” organization said. The Qurbani project is implemented every year with the support of benefactors, it added. The organization is an Islamic ritual through which Muslims seek to get closer to Allah, expand on the poor and needy, as well as to revive the prophet’s Sunnah.

Children smile as donated sacrifice meat sits on a table in front of them.

The organization confirmed that its volunteer teams were active in the Qurbani project this year, helping needy groups in Kuwait, Uganda, Somalia, Yemen and Lebanon. “This year we sacrificed, on behalf of 2,253 donors, in 19 countries through the proceeds of their endowments for this project. The value of the Qurbani endowment starts from KD 30, or about $1,000, and is an important contributor to the sustainability of resources in these countries and the continuous practice of this Islamic ritual,” the organization explained.

It pointed out that the countries in which this ritual was carried out are Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Mauritania, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Niger, Benin, Nigeria, Uganda, Albania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Burkina Faso and Turkey. “The sacrificial meat was distributed through the external offices of the organization in cooperation with partners and humanitarian actors approved in the list of humanitarian aid at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the neediest areas,” they clarified. The organization had launched the Qurbani campaign at its headquarters and revenue centers in the governorates and provided the public with a wide choice of Qurbani prices to contribute to the project. – KUNA

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