Kuwaiti-French exhibition to showcase research projects

KUWAIT: MILSET has announced the launch of the 17th Kuwaiti-French scientific exhibition on the 4th of December in cooperation with the French embassy and the participation of scientific and research projects in hydroponics for 60 students. Adnan Al-Mir, the head of MILSET, said in a press statement on Sunday that the exhibition is being held under the auspices of the Minister of Education, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Adel Al-Mane, and the ambassador of France to Kuwait.

Al-Mir added that the exhibition will be held in joint cooperation with the general technical direction of science at the Ministry of Education and the Kuwaiti society of hydroponics, with the support of the National Bank of Kuwait. He explained that a series of specialized courses in agriculture will be organized.

A number of specialists from the Kuwaiti society of hydroponics will participate in the exhibition to offer training on hydroponics, its importance, methods, and materials used. In turn, the president of the Kuwaiti society of hydroponics, Fawaz Al-Quryan, praised the importance of the exhibition as a scientific project, appreciating the interest of the student office in this important activity. — KUNA

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