Kuwaiti government sparing no effort in protecting society from drugs: Minister

By Faten Omar
KUWAIT: Coinciding with the International Day Against Drug Abuse, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Family and Childhood Affairs held the first social scientific forum under the slogan “Towards a drug-free safe society” at the National Library of Kuwait. In his opening remarks, Minister of Social Affairs Sheikh Feras Saud Al-Sabah said: “Protecting youth from the danger of drugs is a religious, patriotic and moral duty. The Cabinet has spared no effort to harness all capabilities to combat drugs, both in terms of awareness and treatment.”
He pointed out the role of the family is most important, where the more stable the family is, the more the youth become strong to stand against the temptation of drugs, affirming the ministry’s keenness to continue its awareness role to combat drugs. Director of the Juvenile Welfare Department Dr Jassem Al-Kandari said: “With the development witnessed by the countries of the world, some have an agenda of a hidden war by using drugs to destroy and target the backbone of societies and their main axis, which is the youth.

Youth are the core of the progress of countries.” “Drugs have invaded our country with one goal — to destroy society. It is no secret that the war that Kuwait is carrying out to combat drugs is to complete its path of giving. From this standpoint, Kuwait decided to fight against drugs through many steps and means,” he added. Kandari revealed that Kuwait, with all its institutions, will not be able to stand against the danger of drugs unless the government and the people stand up and cooperate, saying all Kuwaiti people must declare war on the scourge of drugs that has invaded the society.
During its sessions, the forum discussed modern methods to combat drugs and addressed addiction prevention from the psychological aspect. Several private and government agencies also participated in an exhibition on the sidelines of the forum, where participants were honored. At the end of the event, several recommendations were presented regarding best ways to combat drug use in Kuwait. In a statement to KUNA, Sheikh Feras said that the social affairs ministry is keen on organizing lectures to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and their harms, especially for “juvenile delinquents”.

The ministry would also like to hold training courses in cooperation with the Ministry of Education to urge young people to stay away from the deadly toxins. Speaking to KUNA, Sheikh Feras called for concerted efforts of all state institutions to combat this phenomenon in cooperation with all government agencies, including the ministries of Interior and Justice regarding the security and legal aspect, the Ministry of Health regarding the treatment aspect and the information ministry regarding holding awareness campaigns. He added that providing support to recovered youth will help others not fall victim to drugs.

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