Kuwaiti Hajj mission provides support for pilgrims in Mina

RIYADH: The Kuwaiti hajj mission arrived on Monday to Mina to host Kuwaiti pilgrims who arrived there on the day of ‘Tarwyah’, which is the day that precedes Arafah Day; the most important of the hajj rituals. Members of the Kuwaiti hajj delegation arrived at the location allocated to them in Mina, as pilgrims flocked to there all while praising Allah and performing ‘takbeer’ in unison following the example of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

Pilgrims stayed the night in Mina before heading to Mount Arafat on Tuesday. The Kuwaiti hajj mission aims to facilitate pilgrimage for Kuwaiti pilgrims and provide guidance and full support to them through its headquarters dedicated to the holy sites. Mina, which becomes lively only at the time of hajj between Mecca and Muzdalifah, is located seven kilometers away to the northeast of the Grand Mosque. — KUNA

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