Kuwaiti passport 59th most powerful in the world

The Kuwaiti passport maintained its position in the third place in the Arab world and 59th globally, in the list of the most powerful passports in the world, according to the latest index from the global consultancy company “Henley” British passports for the third quarter of 2022, as it enables its holders to enter 96 countries from without prior visa.

The Kuwaiti passport came behind the UAE passport, which ranked first in the Arab world and 15th globally, as it enables its holders to enter 176 countries without a prior visa, followed by the Qatari passport in second place in the Arab world and 57 globally, where its holders can enter 99 countries.

As for the fourth place in the Arab world, the Bahraini passport ranked 66th globally, followed by the Omani and Saudi passports, which ranked fifth in the Arab world and 68th globally together, with the possibility of entering 81 countries.

The ranks came from the sixth to the tenth as follows: Tunisia (77 globally) – Morocco (82 globally) – Mauritania (87 globally) – Comoros (93 globally) – Algeria, Egypt and Jordan (94 globally).

Djibouti ranked 11th in the Arab world and 98th globally – followed by Lebanon and Sudan in 12th in the Arab world and 103 globally, then Libya, Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, respectively.

The Syrian passport came at the bottom of the list, despite the fact that it is the most expensive passport in the world in terms of price, as its cost reaches 800 dollars, and it was only ahead of the Iraqi passport, which came last in the Arab world and 111th globally.

Japan’s passport topped the list globally, with access to 193 countries, followed by Singapore and South Korea passports in second place (192 countries), then Germany and Spain in third place (190 countries)

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