Kuwaiti women play equal role in accelerating state development

By Ghadeer Ghloum


KUWAIT: Kuwaiti women have come a long way in terms of political representation in the National Assembly. Historically, women have faced significant barriers to their participation in public life, but recent efforts have led to increased female representation in Kuwait’s political field. Women in Kuwait were only granted the right to vote and hold public office in 2005. Since then, Kuwaiti women have gradually been increasing their representation in the Kuwaiti political field and proving their worth and capabilities.

For instance, Kuwait’s women MPs have been active advocates for the rights and welfare of Kuwaiti women. They played a major part in introducing legislation aimed at improving gender equality in the country, such as the anti-domestic violence law passed in 2015, as well as efforts to increase maternity leave and provide additional support to working mothers. Kuwaiti women have shown resilience and determination in advocating for their rights and working towards a more inclusive and equitable society. The increasing representation of women in Kuwait is a positive trend, and offers hope for continued progress in the future.

Kuwaiti women hold signs demanding their rights in this file photo.

Minister of Social Affairs and Women and Childhood Affairs Mai Al-Baghli highlighted the state’s empowerment of Kuwaiti women, noting Kuwait is first among Gulf states in achieving gender equality. Baghli also confirmed that Kuwait looks forward to reaching the goal of increasing women’s active participation in the state’s development plans.

In addition to providing women with the right to vote and run for office, Kuwait has implemented several measures to encourage and support women’s participation in politics. In comparison to other Gulf states, Kuwait has taken great strides in empowering women and promoting gender equality. This has been made possible by a series of important reforms and initiatives. Allowing women to earn their own money helped in eliminating traditional societal norms that restricted women’s participation in economic activities. This law has further provided opportunities for women to hold key positions in the political field as well as public and private sectors, which were previously reserved for men.

Abdullah, a Kuwaiti citizen, looks forward to empowering Kuwaiti women and giving them their full civil rights. “Kuwait has made positive progress in empowering women through their participation in politics and the economy. With more women occupying political and leadership positions, Kuwait is well-positioned to progress even more in promoting gender equality and creating a more inclusive society. While there are still areas that require improvement, Kuwait should be commended for its efforts to support women’s empowerment at different levels, such as politics,” he said.

Kuwait’s success in achieving gender equality sparks hope for other Gulf countries. The country has become a role model, and other countries in the region can learn from Kuwait’s progressive approach. It is essential that Kuwait continues to work towards promoting gender equality and women’s rights. With the state’s direction towards equally supporting its female half of the society, achieving full gender equality may soon become a reality in the region.

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