Kuwaitis voters cast their ballots in hopes for a better future

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: The feelings of love and concern were evident among Kuwaitis who turned out to vote on Tuesday. This was expressed in performing their national duty by casting their votes, even though the circumstances may have been difficult for some due to the extreme heat and overcrowding. Despite repeating this process multiple times within a short period, the voters did not abandon their country, out of love and fear for its present and future.

Some expressed their frustration at the negligence of some other Kuwaitis who did not vote, highlighting their insistence that every citizen should carry out their duty selflessly and without prioritizing their comfort at the expense of the country’s benefit. Others were aware of the magnitude and importance of this responsibility, while some tried to give an opportunity to new faces in the hope that Kuwait will rise again and regain its glory by keeping up with other countries that have witnessed remarkable development.

A Kuwaiti woman casts her vote during parliamentary elections in Kuwait City on June 6, 2023.

Kuwait Times spoke to voters from the third constituency on their views about the electoral process. Mona: In these elections, I decided to use the right that is granted to me by my country to give a chance to new faces, especially the youth, in the hope of seeing a new and strong Kuwait that keeps up with the progress witnessed by other Gulf countries. Dana: The responsibility of voting remains a significant one that cannot be underestimated, and we must be aware that when we elect someone, we decide our destiny in the long run.

So, we must vote for those who are competent from the patriotic perspective, supporting the homeland regardless of any ethnic, sectarian or other affiliations. People should be conscious and not submit to pressure from family or friends and not flatter others at the expense of the nation. Esra’a: Although I initially intended to abstain from participating and voting due to the boredom and frustration I felt because of the dissolution of the parliament, I realized I must participate by choosing a candidate who may play a role in taking Kuwait to a better future and spread real hope instead of false hope in the hearts of the people.

Noor: If there is a Kuwaiti person who is able to vote and does not do so, I say that he or she is an irresponsible person who lacks patriotism, because on a day like this, Kuwait calls for Kuwaitis, and our duty towards Kuwait is to play our role in the elections. Kuwait has strengthened and supported its people and given them a lot of privileges that other nations do not give to their people, so why this negligence, especially since it does not require much effort.

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