Kuwait’s press fought invasion from abroad

KUWAIT: The Kuwaiti press successfully rose up to the challenge and bore the national responsibility 33 years when tanks of the defunct Iraqi regime’s aggressors rumbled into the country. Bent on supporting the national legitimacy and the just cause of Kuwait, the publishers scrambled into action abroad to hit the stands and promote the national cause against the occupation.

Al-Anbaa daily newspaper had chosen Cairo as the venue for its external offices, in addition to Al-Qabas International that published in London, Al-Seyassah (Jeddah) and Sawt Al-Kuwait—the latter came to light after the invasion.

The Kuwaiti newspapers abroad at the time affirmed loyalty to the legitimate leadership, covered Kuwaiti political and diplomatic activities at the Arab and international levels, broadcast news about the hard seven months of the aggression, the patriotic Kuwaiti resistance and Kuwaitis’ conditions in the stricken homeland and abroad. The Kuwaiti press archive is rich in reports about practices of the occupiers and the Kuwaitis’ steadfastness.- KUNA

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