Kuwait’s retired officers hold blood donation campaign

By Faten Omar
KUWAIT: Association of Retired Officers held a blood donation campaign on Monday in cooperation with the blood transfusion services department at Kuwait Central Blood Bank, under the slogan ‘Your blood saves us’. Chairman of the sports committee, Rt Col Zafer Al-Sayegh, told Kuwait Times the campaign is considered part of their social responsibility, adding that donating blood is considered an essential part of human health and community service.
“We seek to contribute with our blood to NGOs. Retired officers from the National Guard, interior ministry, Kuwait Fire Force and defense ministry all hope to contribute to this campaign as our national and religious duty,” he said. Sayegh noted some retired officers will not be able to contribute to the blood donation campaign due to their age, which exceeds 66, and chronic diseases, but they try to include and urge all members and friends to donate for the sake of Kuwait.
Dr Eman Monir El-Sayed, blood donation supervisor at the blood bank, said “We organize external donation campaigns to replenish blood stocks,” noting all people can donate from the age of 17 (with the consent of their guardian) till the age of 66. She added a donor who has previously donated blood during the past two years can donate again as long as their health allows it. “Before donating, we conduct a medical examination of the donor to ensure their ability to donate, as there are some diseases that prevent them from donating blood.

However, people with diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure, if their levels are good, are allowed to donate,” Sayed said. “Donating blood is a simple and healthy process. Even with ageing, if the donor has donated blood for the last two years, can donate blood for life,” she noted. Sayed stressed there is a shortage of rare blood types from negative groups as O-. “Type O- is considered one of the groups that can be given to any other type of blood, and there is always urgent demand from hospitals.” Sayed called on people to donate blood.
“Blood donation is a simple process that takes about 15 minutes. After filling out the questionnaire, the blood bank staff perform a medical examination and the donor is allowed to discuss with the doctor any medical inquiries. There are nursing staff trained to deal with any medical problem such as dizziness and vomiting, which is normal,” she explained.

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