Kuwait’s speaker urges pan-Islamic cooperation to halt Gaza ‘genocide’

KUWAIT: Kuwait’s top lawmaker, Ahmad Al-Sadoun, called on parliaments across the Islamic region to ramp up pressure on the international community in a bid to stop the perpetual violence in the Gaza Strip, saying Gazans are the victims of “genocide.” He lamented the ongoing violence in the enclave, saying the people of the Gaza Strip now lack the “basic necessities of life,” calling on the international community to ensure that the Palestinians’ statehood aspirations come to fruition.

Kuwait’s speaker lashed out at Zionist forces for their “grave infractions” of international laws and conventions, holding them responsible for committing the “biggest act of genocide” in human history—one that has claimed the lives of innocent women and children. He went on to emphasize the “humanitarian obligation” that Arab lawmakers shoulder to intervene and put an end to the acts of violence perpetrated by Zionists against Palestinians.

Solidarity with Palestine

Meanwhile, the Executive Council of the Arab Ministers of Social Affairs affirmed on Monday their firm and unequivocal stand towards supporting the Palestinians’ right to security and peace. During their 79th meeting, Arab League Assistant Undersecretary for the Social Affairs Sector Haifa Abu-Ghazaleh said that the current dire situation of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere required a strong stance, especially in providing humanitarian and social assistance to those affected by the full-out brutal assault of the occupation forces.

GAZA: Smoke billows after Zionist airstrikes in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on October 16, 2023. – AFP

She affirmed that the Palestinian delegation’s participation in the current meeting was important to put into action plans to support Palestinians in their current predicament. Meanwhile, she stressed the importance of partaking in the Arab civil society summit on October 24–25, which will coincide with the youth summit on food security. The agenda of the meeting would also include discussing preparations for the 33rd Arab Summit to be held in Bahrain and the fifth Arab Economic and Social Development Summit to be held in Mauritania.

Abu-Ghazaleh also noted that the meeting also prepared a series of proposals and drafts pertaining to the five-year plan of the Arab Social Affairs Ministers’ Executive Council. Saudi Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmad Al-Rajhi said that the recent alarming developments in the Arab region required reconfiguration in terms of attending to the urgent social needs of the people. Al-Rajhi welcomed the participation of the Palestinian delegation in the meeting, saying their presence was important to their just cause. Meanwhile, the Saudi Minister discussed the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), stressing the importance of realizing these goals.

Humanitarian passage

A safe humanitarian passage and the immediate halt of all acts of barbaric aggression against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere are a must to safeguard the sanctity of human lives, said Secretary General Ahmad Abul Gheit on Monday. Addressing the 39th meeting of the Arab Justice Ministers Council, Abul-Gheit said that what the Palestinian people were experiencing in the Gaza Strip was an act of collective punishment that extended the 17 years of apartheid policies carried out by the Zionist aggressors against two million innocent civilians in Gaza, mostly children.

This vengeful and outrageous act of violence occurring under the watch of the international community was a shame, he added, calling for the immediate halt of violence to save lives. He indicated that the occupation force had declared clearly that they would cut off power, water, and supplies from the Gaza Strip, an act considered genocide in all international laws and norms. The green light given by some in the western world to the occupiers also went against all principles of international human rights, said the Secretary General, who urged the current meeting of the Justice Ministers to issue a final communiqué to express firm solidarity with their brethren in Palestine.- KUNA

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