Lack of financial privileges frustrates national workers

The Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development, Mai Al-Baghli, revealed factors that lead to the frustration of national workers in the government sector, and the trend towards the private sector, on top of which is the lack of financial privileges.

Al-Baghli indicated in a letter she addressed to the Civil Service Commission that 30 Kuwaiti employees left work in the social affairs ministry, and joined other service centers in the private sector, because of better financial benefits and this has resulted in many technical problems within the social welfare sector and other organizational units in the ministry.

The minister has asked the CSC to reconsider the rewards for those working in the social and psychological sectors in the ministry. She told the Service Bureau chief, Essam Al-Rubayan, that the lack of approval of the ministry’s request to include this category of employees in the CSC decisions No 16/2019 regarding jobs and rewards for Kuwaiti employees working in the government schools.

In this context, Yahya Al-Dosari, head of the Union of Social Affairs Ministry Workers Union praised Al-Baghli’s tireless efforts and intensive meetings with ministry leaders in this regard.

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