LAPA launches 5th edition of theater program

KUWAIT: For the fifth consecutive year, the LOYAC Academy of Arts (LAPA) continued to attract amateur theater lovers and professional artists to participate in the “Theatrical Haven” program, which began in May with workshops and training sessions, under the supervision of a group of Gulf, Arab and foreign playwrights and academics. The program, which runs until next November, is concerned with three basic and pivotal elements of theater taught through ten theoretical and practical intensive and all-inclusive workshops: the “Playwriting Lab”, “Scenography” and “Acting Lab”.

The first training course began with the “Preparing the Actor” workshop with the specialist in dramatic theater and performing arts, Dr Antoine Al-Ashqar, who supervised the workshop for beginners. The workshop concluded with three short theatrical scenes adapted from well-known plays by classical playwrights, namely “The Engagement by Antoine Chekhov, The Disease of Forgetfulness and the Difficult Customer by Max René”, produced by the participants, each of which ranged in duration of 12 minutes.

Ashqar expressed his happiness to participate in the “Theatrical Haven” program for the first time, and his gratitude to LAPA Academy and Fareah Al-Saqqaf for their interest in art, culture and theater. “I was honored to hold the first workshop which included 12 students because it was an opportunity to put our expertise and experience of over 25 years at the service of young talents, in order to prepare professionals in the field of theater and arts of all kinds,” he said. Speaking about his passion for the world of acting and theater directing, he pointed out that “an actor must be honest and real and persevere in developing themselves by participating in specialized training courses.”

He added: “There is no doubt that the arts, in their various forms, are considered a haven for expressing feelings. They also contribute to refining one’s skills, fostering self-discipline and building character, thus raising the level of awareness and culture.” Professional and amateur participants praised the outputs of the training workshops, which allowed them to familiarize themselves with the basics and tools of acting, mastering performance skills and embodying roles with high accuracy. The workshops have also enriched their knowledge and put them on the right path towards professionalism.

They thanked the LAPA Academy for this opportunity and exceptional experience, as they were supervised by Dr Al-Ashqar, and his long and distinguished experience in the field of acting and theater directing. They expressed their pride in their short theatrical performances, through which they said they were able to innovate and create, despite the short two-week time frame and the performances being the first acting experience for some of the participants.

It is worth mentioning that the “Theatrical Haven” program comes as part of LAPA’s efforts to enrich the cultural scene in Kuwait, activate the role of theater in building civilization and emphasize the role of the arts in the advancement of society, thus providing professional and exceptional training opportunities to empower young talents in Kuwait and the Arab world.

As part of its ongoing efforts to support and empower young people, the LAPA Academy will provide talented young people with an 18-month training grant with each “Theatrical Haven”. The grant will allow for the trainee to receive adequate attention and training in various elements of theatrical art by senior academics and theater artists. It also provides the trainee with the opportunity to participate in artistic work or professional training opportunities inside and outside Kuwait.

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