LAPA, theater trainers, activists hold workshop on scenography

KUWAIT: As part of the fifth theatrical sanctuary program, a collaborative effort between the LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA) and renowned theater trainers, enthusiasts and academics from Kuwait, the Arab world and beyond, the academy successfully concluded an exclusive training workshop on scenography design. This marked the third installment of its kind, led by scenographer and visual artist Dr Khalifa Al-Hajri. The workshop catered to a diverse group of individuals passionate about scenography, including both amateurs and professionals.

Dr Hajri, an esteemed member of the International Organization of Scenographers, Theater Architects and Technicians and a faculty member at the Higher Institute of Performing Arts in Kuwait, dedicated himself to providing professional training to the participants. Under his guidance, attendees had the opportunity to learn the intricate process of transforming written theatrical scripts into three-dimensional, tangible theatrical landscapes.

They also delved into the art of crafting the complete theatrical scene, encompassing elements such as set design, lighting, special effects, and the harmonious integration of all components to create a compelling stage presentation. This workshop is part of the activities of the scenography laboratory to be followed this month by the workshop on the art of theatrical costumes featuring renowned international costume designer Gianluca Sabica, known for his work on numerous international productions. Dr Hajri expressed his appreciation for LAPA’s efforts in promoting the significance of theater, music and the arts.

Scenography workshop in progress.

He emphasized the vital role of scenography in shaping theatrical spaces, stressing the importance of mastering its intricacies and gaining a deeper understanding of its core concepts. Dr Hajri highlighted that scenography combines science, art, and aesthetic sensibility, requiring technical expertise, artistic prowess and knowledge of various crafts such as carpentry, sewing, makeup, engineering, lighting and sound effects control. Additionally, it necessitates a profound understanding of disciplines such as sculpture, architecture, graphics and engraving.

Ultimately, scenography is an art that demands a keen aesthetic sense in stage decoration and a creative spirit to interpret and reimagine dramatic texts. Participants were effusive in their praise for the workshop. Munira Al-Omairi, a repeat attendee, expressed her gratitude for Dr Hajri’s valuable insights, which enriched her knowledge and understanding of the theatrical field. She noted that the workshop allowed her to delve into aspects of theatrical lighting, perspective, and set size calculations, while also exploring the audience’s perspective on the final design.

Ghadeer Al-Abkal shared her experience in applying a theatrical scene practically, highlighting the valuable lessons learned in integrating with the scene, selecting suitable camera angles, and reinterpreting them on stage. Reem Ayed summarized the workshop’s outcomes, emphasizing the wealth of information provided about theatrical scenography, its history, origins, and diverse applications in the world of theater. Participants were exposed to various practical exercises, including drawing theatrical perspectives, understanding ground measurements, and professionally creating design models.

She expressed her deep appreciation for Dr Hajri’s friendly and encouraging approach, which motivated participants to work as a cohesive team and achieve their desired success. The theatrical sanctuary program, now in its fifth edition, commenced in May and will continue until November. The program includes both theoretical and practical workshops, along with training laboratories that focus on three fundamental elements of theater: playwriting, scenography, and acting.

These efforts are part of LAPA’s commitment to enriching the cultural landscape in Kuwait and harnessing the power of the arts to advance society. Notably, LAPA will provide a theatrical training grant alongside each theater residency, offering talented youth an 18-month training program under the guidance of leading academics and theater artists. This initiative aims to empower young talents in Kuwait and the Arab world by providing access to professional training opportunities both within and outside Kuwait.

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