Long-time customer talks about Volvo collection

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Fadhel A Al-Baghli is an old customer of Volvo company. He has had Volvo cars since the 80s and currently owns four vehicles made by company. Kuwait Time and Kuwait News interviewed Baghli to get his thoughts on Volvo cars and why he’s always chosen this brand.

Kuwait Times: How long have you been driving Volvo cars?

Baghli: I have been a Volvo customer since the 80s. In the year 1980, I bought my Volvo GLE 240, and in the 90s I bought Volvo GLE 940, continuing up to this day where I own a Volvo XC90, Volvo XC70, Volvo XC40 and S60.

Fadhel Al-Baghli

Kuwait Times: What made you decide to purchase four Volvo cars?

Baghli: My work involves transportation. I work in the transportation of individuals, goods and materials, so I know what kind of cars provides the best service for the driver on the road. Volvo cars have all the specifications needed by the driver on the road. By “the road”, I don’t just mean the street, but there are two important factors: The street which is exposed to natural elements, as well as the people who drive cars on the street.

Volvo cars provide customers with many features, such as protection from natural elements that humans are exposed to on the road, in addition to the individuals who drive on the road. These two factors are the most important factors that prompted me to purchase a Volvo car because it is a secure means of transportation for passengers as it can deal with such conditions.

This photo shows the four Volvo vehicles currently owned by Fadhel Al-Baghli. – Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

Kuwait Times: Tell us about your experience with BNK Automotive.

Baghli: BNK chose a beautiful, high-quality and highly efficient car and succeeded in marketing it to customers. We are seeing more Volvo cars on the roads these days more than ever. I have noticed this not only in Kuwait, but also in Egypt, Dubai, Bahrain, Europe, America and even in China. As for Kuwait, BNK has succeeded in promoting the name of this brand in the right way. BNK has succeeded due to several factors, including offering reasonable prices that are not exaggerated compared to the type and quality of the car, as well as friendly maintenance service that meets customer requirements. I was very satisfied with everything when dealing with BNK Automotive.

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