Marine science students ready for marine environmental challenges

The Department of Marine Sciences at the College of Science carried out a field trip, under the supervision of professors in the department, Dr. Tariq Al-Rasheed and Dr. Fahd Al-Sanafi, in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Coast Guard, to the northeast of Qaruh Island, and more than 40 devices were placed in the water at 3 marine sites and a meteorological station on Qaruh Marine Island.

The main goal of the trip was to train marine science students, especially the marine physics and research methods course on the latest scientific equipment for data extraction, and to consolidate the students’ information and field skills, as well as training them to analyze data immediately after it is extracted from the water.

During the trip, the students learned how to use scientific devices, including the wirewalker device, which is considered a unique device of its kind, as it performs the process of diving and rising to the surface with the movement of waves (a mechanical process).

It is the first of its kind and the only one used in the Middle East, as it is considered a marine vehicle. It travels in the water column, carries devices on it, and through the Crivello device located on the floating station, it is possible to monitor the readings directly.

The students contributed to programming and installing ADCP devices, which are used to measure marine currents and understand their movement. They learned about other devices related to examining marine currents, the oxygen level, the turbidity level, etc, in addition to being trained to install a meteorological station on the island.

In this regard, Dr. Tariq Al-Rasheed stressed that the presence of students in the field is very important for them to provide a sensory understanding of how to work in difficult environments (waves and varying temperatures), and it is also necessary to develop their marine skills, such as training on ropes and maritime security and safety.

He stated that the students will learn about marine disturbances associated with weather changes, and how they affect marine sediments, and link them to understanding the marine environment in particular, and their impact on Qaruh Island in general, adding that part of this work will also be provided to some distinguished students, to conduct scientific studies.

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