Medical, education majors most popular at Kuwait University

KUWAIT: Kuwait University set up a kiosk in the Avenues Mall as part of an awareness campaign launched Sunday under the patronage and presence of the Acting Director of Kuwait University Dr Fahad Al-Rashidi, to introduce students to the admission and registration requirements for the academic year 2024-2023. “Every high school graduate with a final result of 70 percent or more in science and 78 percent in or more in the arts stream is able to apply at Kuwait University,” Rashidi said in a statement.

Acting Dean of Admission and Registration Dr Roaa Al-Jarallah, pointed to said although students have different interests, a few popular majors stand out. “There is a strong desire for medical specialties in general, whether the Faculty of Medicine, dentistry or pharmacy. Demand for them is very large due to limited seats, so the competition is most intense in these colleges There is also demand for the College of Education, whether in scientific or literary disciplines,” she said.

She added that the answers the university is providing to students who come to the booth at the Avenues are based on the Civil Service Commission’s study of the labor market and based on the study of the planning department at Kuwait University in the private and public sectors. The university is also working on helping students who are illegal residents, commonly known as bedoon, enroll in the coming year, she said. “There is direct and close cooperation between Kuwait University and the Central Agency for Addressing the Status of Illegal Residents.

The Central Agency provides Kuwait University with the names to be admitted to Kuwait University listed according to the fields of study chosen by each student,” said Jarallah. She said there’s a specific number of seats allocated to some groups of students, such as children of Kuwaiti women, spouses of Kuwaiti women, children of martyrs, etc. There are also 100 seats allocated to bedoon students. So bedoon students who meet one of the criteria above can compete in both categories. The university’s kiosk will be set up at the Avenues from July 2 to 6 from 10am to 10pm to help students with any inquiries they have.

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