MEW opening door for licenses to install electric car chargers

The Ministry of Electricity and Water has opened the door for companies and individuals to apply for licenses to install electric cars chargers in the vicinity of their homes or companies.

Informed sources told a local Arabic daily that this step is consistent with the state’s tendency to encourage the use of electric cars to reduce pollution resulting from car exhausts, pointing out that the ministry has set conditions for granting the license, the first of which is an official letter from the company from which the electric car was purchased, proving the ownership of the property by person applying for car charger installation.

The sources pointed out that the letter by the ministry must confirm that the person who requests to increase the power supply to his home to install the electric charger must prove he has an electric car so that the power is not used for other purposes, pointing out that each individual or company has the right to boost the power to up to 20 kilowatts only.

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