Miami Band members visit Kuwait Times, Kuwait News

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Kuwait Times and Kuwait News welcomed Khaled Abdul Jalil Al-Randi and Mishaal Saleh Laili, members of the famous Miami band of Kuwait, on Wednesday. The artistes were taken on a tour by Kuwait Times and Kuwait News Public Relations and CSR Manager Jana Alnaqeeb to the newspaper’s print house, printing press, archives, meeting room, newsroom, diwaniya and the studio, where Randi and Laili engaged in some fun activities with the Kuwait Times team.

(From left) Mishaal Laili, Khaled Al-Randi and Kuwait Times’ Deputy Editor-in-Chief and partner and manager of Kuwait News Abdullah Boftain discuss the printing process at Kuwait Times.

Some fun activities were prepared for them that required them to listen to a musical clip from different songs, including those performed by the Miami band itself, and they had to identify the song’s name as quickly as possible. It was a fun way to spend some enjoyable time at Kuwait Times and Kuwait News. The artistes learned about the different departments of Kuwait Times.

They had a glimpse into the nature of work in the field of journalism and media and what goes on behind the scenes in delivering news, whether through printed newspapers or digital media. Kuwait Times hosts a variety of visitors to give them a chance to witness the bustling energy and the fast-paced environment where stories come to life, in hopes of fostering appreciation for the tireless dedication and commitment of journalists.

Miami Band members (left) take a look at a copy of Kuwait Times’ first edition.

Such visits highlight collaborative efforts among editors, reporters, photographers and other team members at Kuwait Times and Kuwait News, who work together to deliver the public’s voice and provide unbiased and meticulous information that gains the people’s trust.

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