Mina Abdullah Refinery strengthens its ranking

KUWAIT: Mina Abdullah refinery, a subsidiary of Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), has recorded the highest score in risk engineering at the level of work sites in KPC subsidiaries and the highest in the history of the Kuwaiti oil sector. The refinery received an average score of 100.5 points in the latest risk engineering field survey conducted by the American Marsh Company, specializing in risk management and providing insurance coverage, with the participation of a number of well-known international insurance companies such as AIG, SCOR, QBE, and Zurich.

With this result, Mina Abdullah Refinery has strengthened its advanced global ranking in the quality of risk engineering for the categories of energy and refining industries, according to studies conducted by Marsh Measurement Company. Comparing the quality of risk engineering for various international companies, Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-Ahmadi refineries occupied a leading position in the top quarter of the comparison when compared with more than 1,400 energy and refining facilities around the world.

Ghanem Al-Otaibi

Executive vice president of fuel supply operations and company spokesman Ghanem Al-Otaibi expressed pride in the refinery’s achievement, especially with the increase in the level of complexity in the refinery after the operation of the environmental fuel project, indicating that reaching this level is backed by great efforts exerted by the refinery to maintain a leading approach in the refining industry.

Al-Otaibi explained that effective risk management is vital for any industrial facility, especially those dealing with energy resources such as refineries, where a thorough and proactive risk engineering survey helps to identify and assess potential risk areas, enabling the company to take appropriate measures to effectively mitigate them.

He added that this high assessment was the result of continuous work and meticulous commitment from the refinery’s management and employees to apply security and safety standards, using international best practices, and the continuous development of work systems and procedures.

He stressed that the fact that Mina Abdullah refinery received the highest risk engineering management rating in the history of the oil sector represents a milestone for the refinery and a new standard established by National Petroleum in this field to aim towards achieving the company’s strategy of seeking a level of global operational excellence, promoting innovation, and developing new ideas and approaches to meet challenges.

Al-Otaibi appreciated KPC’s support and cooperation to achieve this achievement, praising the efforts of all employees in the company and their keenness to develop their abilities in dealing with risks and commitment to safety and reliability to maintain a safe and sustainable work environment. — KUNA

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