Minister of Social Affairs inaugurates ‘second season’ at Nuer Market

Minister of Social Affairs, Family, and Child Affairs, Sheikh Firas Al-Sabah has expressed his unwavering support for Kuwaiti farmers, emphasizing the consideration of innovative marketing strategies for local products.

He told Al-Rai daily that the goal is to identify viable points of sale that facilitate easy consumer access.

Speaking at the “Al-Nuer Market” exhibition’s opening at the Sabah Al-Salem Cooperative Society, the minister praised the high quality of Kuwaiti products showcased by farmers, expressing pride in their offerings.

In a press statement, Minister Al-Sabah highlighted the success of launching market activities for the second consecutive year, attributing the initiative to former Minister of Social Affairs, Mai Al-Baghli. He underscored the commitment to promoting and supporting local products.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Ajmi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sabah Al-Salem Cooperative Society, affirmed that the market, organized in collaboration with the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies, will span two days. He emphasized the society’s dedication to providing free booths and advertisements to further support the event.

The “Al-Nuer Market” exhibition, now in its second year, operates under the direct supervision and sponsorship of the Ministry of Social Affairs, without involvement from private sector entities or public benefit associations.

The exhibition aims to encourage local farmers and proprietors of various products, showcasing the quality of Kuwaiti agricultural and other locally produced goods, including apiaries and dairy.

An integral goal of the exhibition is to establish a direct connection between producers and consumers, benefiting both parties. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs, this initiative enables a direct understanding of the needs and capabilities of each party involved.

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