Minister underlines the importance of digital technology

KUWAIT: Kuwait’s acting prime minister and minister of interior, Sheikh Talal Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, highlighted the importance of preparing technologically proficient cadres to address the mounting challenges in the age of digital technology. “Modern information technology is usually associated with cybersecurity challenges,” he noted in an address to the closing ceremony of the “Kuwait Hackathon” competition on Saturday evening.

The cybersecurity competition was held under the patronage of Sheikh Talal by the Kuwait National Cybersecurity Council (NCSC) at Kuwait University in collaboration with Code Academy. Sheikh Talal praised the competition as “a first important step towards building the capacity of our national cadres to protect our security of information systems.”

Kuwait’s Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Interior attends the closing ceremony of ‘Kuwait Hackathon’ competition.

He reaffirmed the commitment of the Kuwaiti government to fostering technologically proficient cadres. He urged the participants in the competition to improve their skills in cybersecurity and contribute to the protection of the information security of their homeland. On regional developments, the Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Interior reaffirmed Kuwait’s support for the struggle of “the brotherly people of Palestine against the brutal Israeli occupation,” taking pride in the stance of the Kuwait leadership and people.

“We are proud of the Amir Decree of 1967 proclaiming that Kuwait is in a state of war against the Zionist gangs in occupied Palestine,” he said, noting that the proclamation is still in effect, which signals Kuwait’s steadfast support for rights and justice. Sheikh Talal prayed for Allah the Almighty to protect “our faithful brothers in Palestine,” grant mercy to their martyrs, and free the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque from the brutality of the Israeli occupation forces. – KUNA

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