Ministry cuts off power from bachelors’ residence in Hawally

The Judicial Enforcement Team of the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, headed by the team leader, Adnan Dashti, carried out a campaign to inspect the residence of the violating bachelors in Hawalli Governorate. According to the Arab daily, a report was issued to cut off the electricity from three properties due to bachelors renting in private housing, as well as block the owners of the properties. Dashti stated that the campaign is a joint effort with the Kuwait Municipality in Hawalli Governorate, Public Security, and the Electricity Distribution Networks sector.

The minister also pointed out that the violations issued during the period from 1 January until 14 November, totaled 1,332 violations, while calling on citizens and residents to preserve electricity and water, especially as the team continues its various campaigns in the governorates. He added that the ministry continues the move with the Municipality and state institutions to cut off the electricity after reporting to the Ministry of Electricity the violations and infringements of laws and decisions issued by the authorities of the state.

Dashti added that he led the judicial police team in seizing a violation at the stables in Ahmadi on Sunday. The violators connected and exploited electricity without a meter and without completing the procedures sanctioned by the Ministry. The team issued a report on the violation and cut off the power to the stable, and took legal measures against the violator. In addition, the Committee for the Implementation of the Provisions carried out a campaign in the Ahmadi Governorate with a complex that connected the current to 11 shops without following the required procedures.

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