MPs eager to work with government: Speaker

KUWAIT: Freshly re-elected Speaker of the National Assembly Ahmad Al-Saadoun on Tuesday affirmed MPs’ desire to cooperate with the government to tackle agreed-upon issues and attain the aspirations of the people of Kuwait. Saadoun, a veteran legislator, lauded the government’s affirmation with respect to the ministers’ willingness to cooperate with the parliament, emphasizing necessity of pursuing coordination on agreed-upon proposals.

He expressed gratitude to the MPS and the Kuwaiti people for responding to appeal by the political leadership to “choose soundly,” in the parliamentary election, labelling as unprecedented the outcome of the 2023 election. Saadoun indicated that he sensed the enormous responsibility on his shoulders as chairman of the assembly.

The experienced senior lawmaker added that he believed “he was not the best of the attendees for manning the post,” and that it was destiny that he won it, again. A contender, MP Daoud Maarefi, had withdrawn from the contest for the speakership, leaving Saadoun uncontested. – KUNA

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