Municipal Council postpones raising communications fees

KUWAIT: The Municipal Council has referred Monday a proposal to increase the fees for issuing a license to build a communications tower, station, or antenna to KD 200, to a municipal committee. The proposal also suggests amending a Municipal Council decision which details the fees due for services performed by the municipality.

Abdullah Al-Mehri

The council postponed looking into the proposal until it was rewritten in legal terms. It said the proposal will be reviewed again upon the completion of regulations pertaining to communications that the council is working on.

During its meeting on Monday, the council, chaired by Abdullah Al-Mehri, approved the request of the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport to allocate open rainwater catchment basins, open water channels, underground water connections, an earth cover and rainwater drainage paths around the Abdali housing area, as well as around the Salmi housing development area, in Al-Na’ayem, Al-Na’ayem industrial area and um Al-Naqa residential area.

Also approved Monday was a request from the Kuwait Investment Authority to allocate five sites for the establishment and management of public warehouses for food, medicines, medical supplies and other purposes in Shuwaikh, Mina Abdullah, Doha, Shadadia and the area around the airport. – Agencnies

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