Municipalities intensify inspection campaigns

KUWAIT: The Jahra Governorate Municipality announced that it removed 80 abandoned vehicles during the month of July alone. The public relations department at the Kuwait Municipality published the achievements of Jahra Governorate Municipality branch during July, which included citations, abandoned vehicles removal and general cleanliness. The report includes the municipality’s efforts in dealing with anything blocking the roads and distorting order.

Director of Cleanliness and Road occupancy department in Jahra Mohammad Al-Jabaa said inspectors made several field tours in all areas of the governorate resulting in the removal of 80 abandoned vehicles and 30 violating food trucks, in addition to issuing 90 cleanliness citations. The department asked citizens and residents to call (139) or contact them through their website in case of any complaint related to the municipality’s work. Other municipalities have been cracking down on violations in recent weeks.

The Farwaniya Governorate Municipality carried out field tours across the area, with one in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, according to media reports. Without specifying numbers, the municipality said that it removed abandoned vehicles, issued citations and arrested roaming salesmen. Earlier this month, the Public Hygiene and Road Works Department at the Ahmadi Governorate Municipality issued 165 public hygiene violations during field tours. Officials also towed 103 abandoned cars, boats, mobile convenience stores and scrap containers.

They placed 189 stickers on cars and boats in preparation for their removal after the end of the specified period. Tightening supervision The intensified campaigns come as the government is looking for ways to enhance the municipality’s supervisory role. On July 9, State Minister for Municipality Affairs, State Minister for Communications Affairs Fahad Al-Shula issued a ministerial decision to form a committee chaired by Municipality Director General and seven members who are Deputy Directors General to present a detailed study and proposals to activate the supervisory role of the municipality to achieve the maximum degree of field supervision over the municipality activities to ensure compliance with law and limit violations.

The committee will review all legislations, rules and decisions related to municipality activities in the field of cleanliness work and supervisory over construction, and violations of safety rules and encroachments on State property check its efficiency in achieving the required field supervision. The committee will also review the current mechanism, from both administrative and legal perspectives, of field supervision over these activities to see the effectiveness of the procedures, and the short comings if they are present and propose solutions for them.

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