Navigating relationship, love with mental illness

By Ahmed Sabeeh

KUWAIT: Psychologist Suha Faraj spoke about issues that arise when people with mental health go into a relationship. “The love hormone plays an important factor in any healthy relationship. When in a relationship, the presence of this hormone can lead to heightened focus on specific aspects to enable partners to better understand each other’s viewpoints and encourages them to identify the sources of any issues that arise,” she told Kuwait Times. Faraj added the pursuit of love takes on a unique shade when intertwined with individuals grappling with mental illnesses.

Suha Faraj

“Within this realm, the intricate journey of building and nurturing relationships assumes a distinct complexion, fraught with challenges that arise from the complex interplay of emotions and mental health. These endeavors revolve around communication, trust and emotional intimacy — a tapestry of interwoven threads forming the human connection’s essence. However, the presence of mental health struggles casts intricate shadows, magnifying the intricacies within this fabric,” she said.

Being romantically involved with a person with mental illness may sometimes take a toll on our own mental health by trying to understand our partners, when they may have serious mental health issues such as bipolar personality disorder. Sometimes we just have to deal with it and try not to walk on eggshells every time. The best way to understand your partner’s mental health is by educating yourself on their mental illness. When a person enters a serious relationship, they must always be on their guard by seeing any red flags.

“The most important thing in a relationship is to be balanced. Secondly, if your partner always makes toxic comments, is love bombing you, does not have boundaries or dislikes you, then it will not work out,” Faraj said. She added there is a need for a guiding compass for those dealing with mental illnesses, so they can also experience love. “Support backed by valuable insights and tailored advice is required to support this community in navigating romantic relationships. Through real-life stories and expert wisdom, it can help individuals with self-awareness and a candid perspective as they embark on matters of the heart,” she pointed out.

“If you want your relationship to work, you should know you partner’s mental health disorder. There is a big difference between anxiety disorders and psychotic disorders. They involve different symptoms and have different triggers. The more you know, the better understanding you will have of your partner and how to help them in their time of need,’’ Alyssa from Banyan Treatment Center affirmed.

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