NCCAL holds workshop on antiques’ preservation via nuclear technology

KUWAIT: The National Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature (NCCAL) commenced on Sunday a workshop on the use of nuclear technology for the preservation of relics. Taking part in the workshop are the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. NCCAL Acting Secretary-General Mohammad Al-Jassar commended the efforts of participants and organizers, stating that these workshops contribute significantly to honing the skillsets and abilities of those working in the fields of archeology and museums.

The head of the antiquities and museums department at NCCAL, Mohammad bin Redha, explained in his speech that the workshop handles both theoretical discussions and practical application. IAEA communications officer Dr. Nader Al-Awadhi highlighted the agency’s role over the past few years in augmenting the benefits of nuclear technology. He indicated that Kuwait, supported by the IAEA, is making tangible progress in benefiting from nuclear technologies across various social, economic, health, and environmental fields.

Al-Awadhi also explained that in addition to analyzing and preserving relics, nuclear technology is also used in archeological excavation. Determining the age of a relic, understanding its composition, protecting it from decay, killing harmful bacteria and fungi, and mending tears are all uses of nuclear technologies in archeology, Al-Awadhi added.

The workshop is set to extend for four days to facilitate the exchange of expertise, raise awareness, and identify national requirements while taking into account current capabilities. Al-Awadhi expressed hope that useful recommendations and strategies would emerge from the workshop. Lebanese archeologist Asad Saif hailed the valuable content of the workshop, saying he is quite glad he is able to attend. – KUNA

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