New announcements for schools and nurseries

KUWAIT: The MoE has announced the opening of new schools in different areas across Kuwait. Jassem Al-Saffar, Maintenance Supervisor at the Engineering Affairs department in Farwaniya, has announced the opening of twenty schools across all levels in West Abdullah Mubarak, Farwaniya, all equipped with the latest technology in the field.

“Seven schools have been planned — one high school for boys, two nurseries, two middle school and two elementary schools, designed with advanced technological facilities including solar panels which saves 60-80 percent of electrical power consumption,” he added.

“Every school has its theater, a management department and gymnasiums, along with thirty classes for elementary schools, twenty-four for middle schools and thirty for high schools including other rooms such as laboratories” he said. Meanwhile, Fahad Al-Shuraian, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Minister of Social Affairs, has made announcements about a number of regulations related to nurseries including the issuance of licenses, role of nurseries and the activities that they are allowed to do.

The executive list includes stipulations that the licensee has to follow including the cancelation or renewal of the nursery as well as the facilities that the kindergarten must have, such as building type or area it is located in. Moreover, the list also specifies rules to be followed in accepting children in the kindergarten and the formation of a supervisory role for the school and the system of supervision and inspections in the role of private kindergartens.

The regulations for nurseries include — maximum fee of KD 1,800 per child a year, maximum KD 200 monthly payment per child, license applicants must be Kuwaiti with a degree (graduate or diploma), the prohibition of male workers in managerial and supervisory positions and a minimum of Bachelor’s degree for the manager of the nursery or a five-year experience in the field with an educational diploma.

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