Pakistan embassy composts mango festival waste

KUWAIT: The Embassy of Pakistan in Kuwait in collaboration with Shamia Nature Reserve took an initiative aimed at contributing to a sustainable environment and supporting Kuwait’s vision for 2035. This joint effort focused on transforming the leftover waste from the Pakistan Mango Festival into valuable compost, highlighting Pakistan’s commitment to environmental stewardship. The Pakistan Mango Festival, held recently at Souk Al-Mubarakya and Al-Zahraa Co-operative Society, celebrated the rich exquisite taste of Pakistan’s renowned mangoes.

Recognizing the importance of minimizing food waste and promoting sustainable practices, the Embassy with support of Adiba Al-Fahad, founder of Shamia Nature Reserve, as well as Pakistan’s Women Forum, undertook the initiative of repurposing the festival’s leftovers, by utilizing the remnants of the Pakistan Mango Festival, including peels, seeds, and other organic waste for making compost. This compost production process is aligned with Kuwait’s ambitious vision for 2035, which emphasizes sustainable development and environmental preservation.

The resulting compost serves as a valuable resource for enhancing soil fertility, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers, and improving agricultural practices. This joint effort not only prevented wastage but also contributed to the economy by creating a sustainable solution that benefits both the environment and local communities. Ambassador Malik Muhammad Farooq expressed his gratitude towards Shamia Nature Reserve for their collaboration and underscored the significance of this partnership.

He conveyed his gratitude to be part of this remarkable initiative, aligning Pakistan’s commitment to environmental sustainability with Kuwait’s vision for a prosperous future. He shared that by repurposing the leftovers of the Pakistan Mango Festival into compost, the embassy and the Pakistani community are actively contributing to a greener and more sustainable Kuwait. This joint effort undertaken by the Embassy of Pakistan and Shamia Mature Reserve is a testament to the shared commitment of Pakistan and Kuwait in addressing climate change, fostering sustainable development, and building a greener future.

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