Palestinian-American comedian Amer lights up Kuwait

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: Palestinian-American comedian Mo Amer will bring uproarious laughter to Kuwait on Friday in the biggest standup comedy show at the ARENA. Amer told Kuwait Times in an exclusive interview about how he incorporates his Palestinian heritage and the Palestinian cause into his comedy.

Amer, who grew up as a Palestinian refugee in Kuwait and later relocated to the United States, provides a unique perspective that he weaves into his comedic narratives, where his ability to blend humor with social and political commentary has allowed him to reach diverse audiences and engage in meaningful conversations about the Middle East conflict.  Amer’s approach to the Palestinian cause highlights the power of comedy as a means of raising awareness and fostering dialogue about important global issues.

Kuwait Times: How do you feel about coming back to Kuwait?

Amer: Coming back to Kuwait was very emotional and very hard for me, as there are so many memories. Kuwait changed but did not change; of course, it was modernized, but kept that charm about it. Kuwait represents the old times in a good, sweet, loving way.

Kuwait Times: How did you see the experience of being a star in your own show on Netflix? Can you share some of the challenges?

Amer: The challenge is a part of the process. You are growing up, your mind is different, and your worldview is different. Pursuing this career is not very simple. The show tells a very unique story never done before — it tells where I come from. When you do something new that people do not understand and maybe afraid of, it becomes a challenge. You have to make sure to do it in the best and right way; be specific and honest, and appreciate the Arab world that I was born in. Leaving Kuwait, arriving in Houston and being a Palestinian created an identity crisis.

Kuwait Times: Share a memorable moment from your stand-up career.

Amer: One of my sweetest moments was in 2018 when my mother stood by me while I was taping my comedy special. It was the biggest moment in my life where all the hard work, time and effort that my mother and I had a hard time understanding and realizing finally came together.

Kuwait Times: As a comedian who has experienced both the Middle East and the United States, how do you view the role of humor in building understanding and empathy between different cultures?

Amer: Comedy is a universal language. Whenever you can talk about serious topics in a comical way, it makes it very easy to bring up these things. It is a great medium.

Kuwait Times: Are there any upcoming projects or plans?

Amer: There is never a shortage of materials; there is a lot to break down and a lot to share. Whenever I have something I write and put it away, I have a lot of savings. I am working on something very soon. I have thought about working on something related to my childhood in Kuwait. Regarding comedy shows, I will go on a tour in Europe in January and there will also be big shows around the world.

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