PAM unveils modern system for recruitment of domestic workers

By Faten Omar

KUWAIT: Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) organized, on Monday, a workshop on activating the system for the recruitment of domestic workers, inspection services, and receiving complaints. During his speech, Mubarak Al-Jafour, Director General of PAM, said that activating the system of managing the recruitment of domestic workers, inspection services and complaints is the beginning of a breakthrough for applications in this sector.

He added that the Authority began implementing the inspection of the private sector to preserve the rights of all, explaining that the service aims to follow up and audit the dispute system between the domestic worker and the employer and between the employer and the recruitment office and the domestic worker, in addition to inspecting the offices and measuring their compliance with the law.

“The file of domestic workers is subject to the Law No 68 of 2015 on Employment of Domestic Workers, and it is necessary to implement this law and constantly monitor the sector due to its importance, as it is linked to the society and citizens. We work in this sector to achieve the goal of keeping pace with developments in this sector,” he added.

Director of the Information Systems Center Rabab Al-Osaimi

He stressed that the Public Authority of Manpower also has a priority to protect the rights of domestic workers in line with the international classification as Kuwait has worked continuously to adopt many legislations, laws, and measures that reflect the extent of its respect for international human rights.

Jafour noted “PAM’s new system for domestic workers consolidates the role of Kuwait in protecting human rights. Kuwait has always been in the lead in these matters. We were honored by the visit of an American delegation to witness our system and also a delegation from the United Nations to visit us.”

He pointed out that one of the most prominent services whose launch has become an urgent necessity is the need to allow receiving online complaints about domestic workers, affirming that the Authority to provide services to support citizens and domestic workers, hoping today’s workshop for the new system to be a new beginning for this sector.

Attendees of the workshop organized by PAM

National employment

Rabab Al-Osaimi, Director of the Information Systems Center at PAM, stated “Before the pandemic, we reached 60 electronic services through the “Ashal” application, and in 2021 the new automated system was launched with a total of 150 electronic services, and now, after the COVID-19 pandemic, government agencies no longer have the choice but to digital transformation.”

“We have also launched several systems to support national employment. The Authority was one of the parties ready at the time of the pandemic for a complete digital transformation. Digital transformation has become an urgent necessity for organizing the labor sector and organizing work, in line with Kuwait Vision 2035, and the strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to automate all procedures and facilitate the user experience,” she added.

During the workshop, Engineer Batoul Al-Enazi explained the mechanism of the electronic system for the recruitment of domestic workers for the year 2022. She said that the most important feature of the new system is that it completely stops paper documents and activates the digital forms portal.

She continued “Also the system automated audit of the Authority’s transactions minimize human intervention in approving transactions and reduce the time for completing transactions. In addition, it links all work with government institutions to stop the exchange of paper documents,” she added.

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