Patients Aid Fund promotes health awareness programs

KUWAIT: The Patients Aid Fund Association is creating health awareness in the hospitals among children – through many programs and awareness activities. The activities include the oral and dental health programs to teach children the basics of oral care and how to maintain cleanliness and take care of their teeth, in addition to urging them to eat healthy food.

Children were urged to avoid sweets because of the bad impact on dental health. They also teach children how to use tooth brushes and tooth paste. The program was done in the presence of a large number of sick children and their families in the children’s wards.
Toothbrushes and toothpaste were distributed to them. In the same context, a women’s delegation from the Patients Aid Fund Association visited the kids. At the Department of Orphans Care at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, an open-day event was held ahead of the reopening of schools. Educational entertainment programs were organized, and various gifts were distributed.

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