Raising medical standards through Accreditation Canada

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Canada’s Ambassador to Kuwait, H E Alia Mawani, praised the long partnership in the health sector between her country and Kuwait, noting the strong mutual commitment to providing quality care and patient safety by applying the highest Canadian healthcare practices and standards in Kuwait.

Addressing a select gathering of local health care professionals and a visiting delegation from Accreditation Canada she said that it was great to see one of the leading international companies in this field, Accreditation Canada, making such important contributions to the health sector in Kuwait and continuing to be the preferred provider for many prestigious hospitals and medical facilities.

Ambassador Mawani  pointed out that these were important achievements in the long-term partnership in the health sector between Canada and Kuwait, stressing that Accreditation Canada was still the largest international provider of accreditation in Kuwait, where Accreditation Canada had partnered with the Ministry of Health to build the Kuwaiti national accreditation program for public hospitals, private sector hospitals, and also clinics.

She indicated that this in turn reflected the high level of respect for Accreditation Canada in Kuwait, which aims to improve patient care, provide high-quality treatment, and ensure superior clinical outcomes. Ambassador Mawani also emphasised the ongoing important contributions made by Accreditation Canada to the health sector in Kuwait, as it is the preferred provider for many prestigious hospitals and medical facilities, considering it an important step in bringing Canadian healthcare practices to Kuwait and strengthening relations between the healthcare systems between the two countries.

Ambassador Mawani concluded by noting the similarities between the Kuwaiti and Canadian healthcare systems, as well as the strong reputation of the Canadian medical ecosystem and that Kuwait continues to view Canada as a partner of choice in this vital sector,” she added.

Katrina Tarasova the Executive Director of Accreditation Canada said that the expansion of quality initiatives in Kuwait is expected to continue with the increasing number of clinics seeking Canadian accreditation. She praised the joint cooperation with Kuwait in the government and private sectors, as well as its commitment, which she described as exemplary in the application of quality and safety standards in the health care sector over a period of 20 years, since the beginning of the cooperation of the Canadian International Accreditation Foundation with hospitals and medical centers in the government and private sectors.

Katrina pointed out that the Foundation has been working and cooperating with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health since 2008 to 2018, explaining that “the Foundation has trained about 40 medical and nursing cadres in the government sector on how to achieve quality, security and safety standards and develop their knowledge and expertise.” A

She further pointed out that the Foundation’s cooperation program with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health to develop government hospitals included 14 government hospitals, and the Kuwaiti government’s goal was for all its hospitals to obtain Canadian accreditation. She stated that despite the challenges posed by Corona in various countries of the world, this program continued In applying quality standards in Kuwait, praising the efficiency of the Kuwaiti medical staff participating in the program.

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