Reconnaissance Research releases documentary, ‘Is Kuwait in Danger’

Reconnaissance Research, a leading non-governmental think tank based in Kuwait, announced the release of its new documentary, ‘Is Kuwait in Danger’. The film, available now on YouTube, explores the decline in political discourse in Kuwait and provides a critical examination of contemporary issues, such as freedom of expression, economic challenges, corruption, and women’s political rights.

The documentary is grounded in a spirit of realistic optimism, highlighting the urgent issues that Kuwait faces while presenting potential pathways to solutions.
The documentary features in-depth conversations with several distinguished Kuwaitis. Among them are Suad Al-Mojel, professor at Kuwait University; Dr. Tariq Al-Dowaisan, professor in Industrial Engineering; Walid Al-Jassim, editor-in-chief of AlRai Newspaper; Dr. Maasouma Al-Mubarak, the first female minister in Kuwait; Abdulaziz Al-Otaibi and Saad Al-Tami, both PhD students in the United States; and Dr. Haila Al-Mekaimi, professor of Political Science.

Through this documentary, Reconnaissance Research continues to build bridges of communication, foster dialogue, and shape the narrative on Kuwait’s evolving socio-political landscape. Since its inception in 2019, the center has been committed to fostering strong communication with local and foreign diplomats and experts, contributing to the strengthening of Kuwait’s relations with the international community, with a focus on providing fact-based content that informs and shapes perspectives.

To view ‘Is Kuwait in Danger’ on YouTube visit the link below:

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