Red Crescent Society extends humanitarian mission in Morocco

MARRAKESH: Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) said that its current mission in Morocco, to aid those affected by the recent devastating earthquake, is an extension of Kuwait’s long history of providing relief aid and part of its humanitarian duty. Speaking to KUNA on this issue, Deputy KRCS chairman Anwar Al-Hasawi said that society was willing to extend its humanitarian arms further to reach more people affected by natural disasters or misfortunes around the world.

KRCS, established in 1966, had reached more than 100 countries in its efforts to spread its humanitarian mission, affirmed Al-Haswai, who indicated that the society was cooperating with other regional and international humanitarian entities to bring hope to people far and wide. He went on to say that the KRCS had encouraged Kuwaiti society to partake in its humanitarian efforts, noting that it had also become, through relentless efforts, one of the most known humanitarian entities in the world.

TAROUDANT: Sheep graze on the leaves of a tree engulfed in rubble in a village between Marrakesh and Taroudant in the Atlas mountain range, in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake. The magnitude 6.8 earthquake, Morocco’s strongest ever, flattened entire villages on September 8 and left tens of thousands of people homeless, leaving over 3,000 people dead and more than 5,600 injured. – AFP

The Kuwaiti leadership and people had continued to support the KRCS’s efforts to help those who are in need around the globe, affirmed Al-Haswai, thanking those who had contributed to the success of the society’s mission in every humanitarian endeavor. Al-Hasawi supervised the delivery of the first batch of humanitarian aid to Morocco in coordination with the Moroccan Red Crescent Society (MRCS) and local authorities. The relief aid consists of medical supplies and other necessities.- KUNA

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