Researcher preserves invasion relics to honor martyrs’ sacrifice

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Upon recommendations from the deputy director of the office of the late Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and under his guidance, a site was allocated for the establishment of a museum that houses the artifacts and heritage of Kuwait. The museum features the medals, certificates and honors received by the previous and current rulers of Kuwait. Researcher and writer Abdullah Abbas Buwair heads and manages this museum. One of the ideas that came to his mind, which he was keen to prioritize, was to allocate a hall or multiple halls to preserve the belongings of Kuwaiti martyrs and prisoners of war, as well as remnants of the oppressive Iraqi regime.

The researcher has already contacted the families of the honorable martyrs and discussed with them the necessity of including their belongings in this museum, as they sacrificed their lives for the sake of Kuwait. “These families have generously donated personal items such as IDs and certificates, as well as state-awarded medals, as a token of gratitude and appreciation for their dedication and defense of our beloved country Kuwait. This museum aims to make it known to the enemy that there are those who stand firmly against anyone plotting to seize our ancestral land.

The Historical Archives Center at Kuwait University.

I would also like to mention the days of the crisis involving Abd al-Karim Qasim in June 1961, when he was the ruler of Iraq. He gathered his leaders at the Iraqi ministry of defense and claimed that Iraq had historical rights over Kuwait, considering it part of Basra governorate,” Buwair told Kuwait Times. At that time, the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah was in power, leading the country. He firmly rejected these claims and stated that Kuwait is an independent Arab state supported by its people. During this period, Kuwait received strong support from Gulf, Arab, and Islamic countries against these baseless claims.

A drawing of President George H. W. Bush wearing traditional Kuwaiti clothes in seen displayed at the center.

Kuwait also joined the Joint Arab Defense Agreement at that time. Deputy director of the office of Sheikh Sabah, Ateeq Suhaib Al-Fuqa’an, arranged with Buwair an important meeting with professor of history and head of the Kuwait Historical Archives Center Sheikha Dr Maimouna Al-Sabah. A meeting was held with the Sheikha Maimouna at her residence, discussing the topic of this museum, to house the heritage and history of Kuwait. Sheikha Maimouna expressed no objection to the establishment of this museum at Kuwait University, so students can closely observe the heritage, history and possessions of Kuwait and the sacrifices of its martyrs.

Buwair was assigned and authorized to collect Kuwait’s heritage and place it at this site. The museum was inaugurated on January 19, 2023 in the presence and under the recommendations of Fuqa’an, requesting Buwair to be present and deliver a speech on his behalf. The minister of education also attended, along with Sheikha Maimouna and Professor Iman Areeqat, the head of research and exploration at the United Nations, as well as the First Secretary of the Embassy of Oman Mohammed Al-Nabhani and ambassadors, history professors from Kuwait University and state officials.

KUWAIT: Abdullah Buwair is seen with the collection at the Historical Archives Center at Kuwait University.

Buwair has organized many celebrations over the years in honor of families of the martyrs. It is worth mentioning that Buwair was present in Kuwait and did not leave during the Iraqi invasion in 1990, remaining resilient. During the days of the aerial bombardment on Kuwait, on January 15, 1991, he was taken and detained at Jabriya police station. He was humiliated and beaten due to possessing unofficial identification. A certificate has been issued to him by the solidarity committee for the heroes of the resistance.

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