Sabah Al-Ahmad Center: Honing skills of youth

KUWAIT: Acting Director General of the Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity, Riyadh Al-Sharaf, affirmed that the center aims to guide young people and develop their skills by applying the concepts of artificial intelligence to meet the various needs of the labor market. This came in a press statement by Al-Sharaf on Thursday, on the occasion of the conclusion of the summer training program for the current year, which witnessed the training of 40 male and female students from high school, institutes and universities in cooperation with the Public Authority for Manpower, which lasted for four weeks.

Al-Sharaf explained that the program is a unique opportunity for promising youth to develop the skills of national cadres and discover their potential by providing specialized practical training in terms of carefully designing the program to provide the participants with tools and knowledge that contribute to improving their scientific and practical performance.

About the field of artificial intelligence, technical and technological industries, as well as applied sciences, he said, “The program also aims to train students to produce projects using science and technology and qualify them for the labor market, appreciating the partnership between the Center and the Authority,” he added.

“The center aims to receive Kuwaiti cadres and directing young people towards the field of artificial intelligence and enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop innovative projects that improve performance and achieve progress in various industrial and technical fields,” he clarified. The training was carried out using the approved (STEM) methodology, as this methodology represents an integrated mixture of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which helps broaden the horizons of thinking and develop creativity and excellence in various fields. – KUNA

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